sandhill crane yellowstone park © Shawn Coggins

Sandhill Crane photographed in Yellowstone National Parkr. Since the iron content of the water in Yellowstone National Park is different then that of a marshy lake just north of Whitefish, Montana the coloring of the two cranes is different.

sandhill crane warbling, whitefish, montana, © Shawn Coggins

The rusty red color on the Sandhill Cranes wings and up their throuts is NOT part of the plumage color. The rusty red color is gotten while the birds preen themselves with marshy water high in iron content. This Sandhill Crane photographed north of Whitefish, Montana, at small lake surrounded by marsh. There is also a nesting Loon on this lake but haven't been able to get a pic of them at this time.

Sandhill Crane warbling

sandhill crane warbling, whitefish, montana © Shawn Coggins'

The warbling song of a Sandhill Crane can at times be heard from over a mile away.

Since I'm about five air miles from the nearest Sandhill Crane I haven't been able to hear them from afar.

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Sandhill Cranes frequent Yellowstone National Park during nesting season.
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